I fixed an old window with vintage sewing items

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My How Time Flys By Me Way Too Fast

                                                    Dream until your Dreams come true
                                                    This hangs over my bed. I like reading
                                                     this saying. Because we have to dream
                                                     to Create!!!!!
                                                   I took this old window and added vintage
                                                   pattern and vintage sewing items I love
                                                   the way it turn out. Now to figure how to
                                                   hang it over my old machine. Its is heavy!
                                                    Having fun with creating art tags

                                                    The above pictures are of my creating
                                                     some fun art tags I too was working on
                                                     some bird nests with odds and ends and
                                                     having fun with them. They are now
                                                     setting around my home. I love how
                                                     they turn out!

                                                    Leave a Legacy I do not know
                                                    this young couple I can't remember
                                                    where I got this picture it could be
                                                     your family. I love old photos
                                                     I have lots of them need to use them
                                                     in my Vintage Arts Works
I saw this and took a picture love
this saying so true. We are blessed!
                                                        The posting of the written words
                                                        are out of line but I not sure how
                                                        to fix it so will leave it alone and
                                                        try to do better next time! :)

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