I fixed an old window with vintage sewing items

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tag Art and Vintage Items Put in a Old Jar

I love to use the shipping Tags in Artwork. My daughter and
I made these two tags and they turned out so pretty

This is a old jar I fill with old sewing spools
Old lace and ribbons and anything I could find
I do like to fill Vintage Jars up with lots of small
Items I have that need to find a home and I always
call canning with fun things into ART

I did not have the lid to this so I use a tiny plate with flowers
added some vintage lace to make a bow around the top

I use a paper towel roll in the middle to get the Items
to show up on the outside it works for me and it saves
items for another jar! I love to fill jars it's so much fun!

I added one of my Tag Art to give a cute look the
Old tag of Love makes the world go around I have
Had for years it has a cute pin on it too. There is
a Tiny Teddy Bear in the top on the other side
some vintage flowers I have been collecting
and some vintage buttons to add as fillers

This another Tag I made for my daughter to use
She and I love to craft our Art together sometimes


Angie Berry said...

What precious time that is when you and your daughter spend it together crafting! I love the tags that you two made!

I also love to fill jars up with small things. Some of my favorite things to collect are jars and old sewing notions... so you can imagine how many jars of sewing notions I have displayed. =] But I have never thought about putting an empty paper towel/toilet paper roll down the middle. Definitely more treasures for more jars! Great idea, thanks so much for sharing that! I also love the little plate on top, very cute!

Oh, and I also love the color red too!! Lol, looks like we love a lot of the same things! =]

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work, I enjoyed seeing all your pretty things. This is a bit unusual but I have seen that you comment on Deena Warner's blog and I have also. Friends of her blog are desperately trying to find a way to get information. I know that Deena's good friend who took her places, has a blog where she has mentioned Deena after the surgery and said she was doing well but would have a tough time. Sally Smith is her name and she can be found at Sall-Smith.blogspot.com. I am using someone's computer who does not want to get involved hence the anonymous identity. I hope you will put this info on Deena's blog so perhaps someone can contact Sally and learn what has happened to Deena.