I fixed an old window with vintage sewing items

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

 First day of January 2015

What a wonderful day! It's cold and raining but I think I have seen this before on January 1st!  So happy for the rain! Maybe will get a little snow but not now the weather person says. They did have some in some parts of Texas. Where I live it does not snow very often but usually we get a little bit. The snows never last but a day or two. So pretty but as I grow older much harder on me! Ha ha I just have to more careful and watch my porches and steps as they do ice over with freezing weather. I sure don't want to fall. The year ended with lots of fun times at Christmas.

This picture is last year snow and the small foots prints and the ones that are long with toes are racoons. They come up to my house eat the cat food. Believe me I have some healthy racoons. They are in the woods behind my home. But they know when I feed the cats and come in looking for any leftovers. 

One of my cats enjoying the snow I wonder if we
will get any this year! This was a very light snow

 I have been crafting and need to start sewing some. I am into making Vintage Lace, Fabric and Vintage Doilies Journals. I have done a Paste Junk Journal and have more of that type to make too. They are also called Smash Journals. I think I understand why it is called that is because the one I made has to be smashed to shut! :) ha ha!

These pictures is what I was working on as 2014 ended. I cleaned up my craft tables for Christmas and now need to load them back up again. Believe me, I can get them loaded down in seconds!!!!! I get out way too much and then have a lot of fun going through all my old vintage laces and doilies. Also I'm having lots of fun making hat stick pins too. I'm buying old vintage beads and new beads too. Then I put them together with 3 to 6 inch pins. I also love making lace and fabric flowers. I do want to make lots of these kind of Journals this year, LORD willing. I hope and pray for healthy years to keep coming for me so I can enjoy my older years.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vintage Art and Hand Made Flowers

Vintage Art 
I brought at a local craft mall
I love how she used a very old
Advisement out of Magazine 
also she made rolled flowers
with added pearls and buttons
I couldn't pass it up only $10

Down below are some my new 
handmade Flowers 


Friday, July 4, 2014

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!!! And Happy New Year!!!
I plan to do better in 2014, Lord willing!
((hugs)) until next year! :) I will be back soon!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


I have titled what I have written below, a little mixed media of TIME!  

Time is always getting away from me! I think that a real of sign of growing older! But even the young are saying the same thing lately! And I wonder if it's not that we have so much going on in this day and time we live in! To me time is speeding up. with all this modern times we are in. Like the internet with emails that are just instant, cellphones that text so fast and now mine is now with face time! My great-grandson and I can talk and see each other at the same time. But I said all of this to say I am happy and blessed to live in a time that GOD has allow for such as this! I am thankful to know I that I have lived to see some changes that still do surprise me! I was born before TV and believe me it was sure slower pace in those days! I remember sitting around the radio and enjoying programs that would make you imagine you were right there as the sounds of how they made it with all the scripts and the acting voices was very good too!

I was born a late change of life child to my parents.  My dad was born in 1897 and my mother was born in 1898 and I still remember them telling me when there was not any cars and planes. Horses and trains were the only way of traveling. But you could walk!!! Ha ha, this way of life is about forgotten, unless you have too! It's too scary now too walk and believe me if you see someone walking you wonder are they up to good or bad. That's where the news brings up all these bad things happening! Makes you feel like you got to stay in a locked home or keep your car doors always locked! Again, I remember and thankful that when I was young you did not have lock anything up. What has happen? Is it because we going way to fast to notice that someone is not taught right or wrong! I know there has always been the bad that evil has always been around. Now with all this kind of bad stuff happening is because we hear it so fast? I do asked these questions. Why is this? No one knows their neighbors anymore. LOOK at the or READ the news if don't believe me on that one!

I am so thankful to JESUS, for being born into a church going family. My family attended church 3 times a week. Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and then we went back on Wednesday night too. We never miss church during Revivals either. And attended the other churches Revivals too. That's when Tent Revivals were very much a summertime way along with family picnics. This was when there was NO Air Conditioning either!  This did not keep us away from church either! They had those fans that were in the song book area or laying on the benches. My mother always carried a fan in her purse. It was the fold up kind. OH my, I remember when they sold these at the local stores and most everyone carried fans! OK, maybe we just got spoiled to AC! Ha ha, I am sure, I am! I cannot believe we drove cars without AC. But all we had back then was to cool off was to roll down the windows. Those side vents on the front windows were a lifesaver for our hairdos. I am so thankful I can remember all this too. Sometimes, I long for those days again of slower pace. Again and again I wonder is all getting better or getting worst for our young folks. I guess we have to wait and see on that one! Thankful for knowing I have a GOD who is good all the time!

I am so thankful I have lived to see now my grandchildren having children. I now have 5 great-grandchildren and have three granddaughters expecting this next spring. What a blessing to witness this! I hope and pray that I will be given good health to enjoy what is to come and Lord willing, I could witness great-great-grandchildren. OH my, the stories to tell of days of old. Like my Dad and Mother told me of changes of time!

I have been trying to make a art Journal here is a few pictures of a few pages I have done.

 I'm still working on this Art Journal with
   more to come! I have two more pages 
  laid out on my worktable. I hope you
   have the a wonderful Thanksgiving!  
Be bless and stay safe in JESUS! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Making Lace Flowers for adding to my Journals

Love how these turn out! Just a little update to help keep me blogging again....
Have a wonderful week with whatever you are doing...
Will be back later with more goodies...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My How Time Flys By Me Way Too Fast

                                                    Dream until your Dreams come true
                                                    This hangs over my bed. I like reading
                                                     this saying. Because we have to dream
                                                     to Create!!!!!
                                                   I took this old window and added vintage
                                                   pattern and vintage sewing items I love
                                                   the way it turn out. Now to figure how to
                                                   hang it over my old machine. Its is heavy!
                                                    Having fun with creating art tags

                                                    The above pictures are of my creating
                                                     some fun art tags I too was working on
                                                     some bird nests with odds and ends and
                                                     having fun with them. They are now
                                                     setting around my home. I love how
                                                     they turn out!

                                                    Leave a Legacy I do not know
                                                    this young couple I can't remember
                                                    where I got this picture it could be
                                                     your family. I love old photos
                                                     I have lots of them need to use them
                                                     in my Vintage Arts Works
I saw this and took a picture love
this saying so true. We are blessed!
                                                        The posting of the written words
                                                        are out of line but I not sure how
                                                        to fix it so will leave it alone and
                                                        try to do better next time! :)