I fixed an old window with vintage sewing items

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some fun with the Art of Mixed Media and Assemblages

This is one of kind hang tag art....
It is a sweet mother and daughter hang tag
That I have added to another one I cut out like a dress form
added stain of dark ink, old song scrap, vintage button,
scrapbook flower, pink crepe paper for ruffle, and some
Pink beads....and then add a touch of giltter.....
I do like making hang tag art...

This is and assemblage of an vintage type fan
It has a vintage photo from an vintage Magazine
I added ribbons and vintage button with little bings
also a few vintage flowers

This is a one of kind collage with a
Sweet vintage type postcard
a darling Vintage pink Hanky,
Vintage pink seam lace tape,
Old vintage pink zipper,
Paper Roses and sweet vintage flowers
There are three cute pink vintage buttons...
A little back ground of scrap paper with postcards
Place in a wooden box painted gold....It can stand on it own
or I can hang it on the wall.....

This is a cute picture of cut out Wall paper chickens
I have had this paper for along time...I wish I had gotten
more rolls of it...It is super cute to cut the chickens out
For some cute artwork.....I added all this to a dark frame
that had the black and white checker blocks and the
stripes of red and white....My daughter loves chickens
and she took this home with her.....

This is a vintage sewing basket that I have added some
Vintage sewing treasures to it.....
and a darling little doll and bear
adds to this sweet look....I pin them all
on with pearl pins...so they can be removed
if needed to change the look.....I find these pins works
well in my fun artwork........

I love this old board it is part of an old vintage door
and it color is the color it was painted long ago...
I love this old sage green....I have added feedsack quilt
Heart and vintage fabric yo yo's a few cute buttons, old
sewing wood spool and big gold safety pin and
very old photo of a super cute boy and darling
baby of the Late 1800's.....sitting in an old wicker child chair
The word Antiques fits this Collage Assemblage...

This was an old cookbook and it needed a new cover
So I took another book board and cover it added
vintage printed photos and lace and yo yo's also
some cute pearl type buttons one is a little heart....
then tied it with a brown vintage type ribbon...
Ta da it was finished.....


Robin said...

Oh my, your work is just stunning!

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving a note.

Raccoons and critters everywhere at your place sounds like. How fun!!

Love your tag on this post, and the way you did up the sewing box is too cute!!

Blessings on your week.

barbara jean

PS Tell your raccoons hi from me. =0))

Barb said...

That story was so funny!!!

I am so laughing at you telling those raccoons "Hi" from me!!
You are a fast thinker!

And you have had an Egret friend too.

I'm glad we take time to enjoy all God has given us. All the simple things around us. It sure it helps calm us from the rat race of life.

Many thanks for sharing that sweet story. =0)) (and for telling the raccoons hi for me) =))


barbara jean

Merry's Musings said...

Judy your new blog looks just wonderful. I love the hanging art tags as well. Very very cute. That button is just outstanding on the fan one, I have finally bit the bullet and placed a bid in ebay for a lot of bakelite buttons, I have a feeling this is only the beginning for me and my love of buttons, I am watching several other auctions as well. I am such a nut. Just joined etsy cottage style, are you over there too? I'll have to check it out. It would be nice to see you there. Well, may you be blessed with God's richest blessings, I'll talk to you later!