I fixed an old window with vintage sewing items

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love to display my Art Supplies I do not like hiding
it in boxes and drawers...I have lots of Vintage Sewing
Items...I love the old feedsack quilts.....

This is Vintage Quilt Hoop and a Vintage Feedsack Quilt
I have made it into a table to display more of my Vintage Art
Supply items..Old Photos, old Calling cards, Old Quilts Blocks,
Vintage Baskets, some Vintage Beads and Old Buttons

This an old vintage jar...I took and filled with old copy of
Vintage sewing Pattern and old fabric scraps a piece of tatting
Old Vintage feedsack Quilt cut into a Heart...Old buttons
and Old wood spool....a vintage ribbon tie around the top
of an old lid...I love the old sewing items...
I called this...Canning The Memories of The Past.....


Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Judy, I'm glad you display your collections of stuff...they're so pretty. You know what would happen to mine...Sunshine would have everything in the floor or in his toy basket. LOL
BLessings & Hugs,

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by. It was really good to hear from you and I appreciate your encouraging words.
Today was tough, and service is Wednesday.

Your quilt and tablescape are very cute. Wonderful idea!!

Glad you are keeping track of me even though you don't always comment.
Barbara Jean

Linda said...

What a clever idea. I would never have thought to display my quilts like that.