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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old Toys and Vintage Dolls Christmas Pictures

Please click on pictures to see them better!

Dolls and Doll Furniture
Christmas Gifts under the Tree
That would be sweet for any little girl...
I don't know the age of this picture
My guess is about the 1930-40's

This family group at Christmas I don't know
What Country this is taken in...or the date...
I like how the girls on the front are looking
at their Dolls and it looks like candels are
On the Christmas Tree

This young boy makes me laugh...I think I
Would to at that Santa Mask...He is looking
at him instead of the gifts......Very cute suit
He is wearing and the little boy is all dressed up. It might have a Christmas Party........

Don't you love the old vintage trucks...
and vintage cars...They would tell the
age and looks about the 1930's
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