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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Hay Days, Hay Rides and Saturday Movies

Movies Before
Dialing Phones

Fall Hay Days and Hay Rides
What fun we had at Movies
The cost was 9 cents for a child under 12
and for 25 cents you could get a coke and popcorn

Picking up the phone and operater saying
Number Please and if she knew you well
All you have to say was I'm calling Paula
To go the Saturday Movies with me......
You did not have to give her the number
She knew who Paula was. She knew her number too.

Sometime there are still
Hay Rides!
But Catching!
Fire flys are all we have left of
That day and time!
They still come out at night
and remind me of the Fun we
had at the Saturday Movies!
and Fall Hay Rides!


SweetAnnee said...

We all say this cuz it's true

cuz these the good old days

Love those movies..but it was a Quartet when we went to Saturday movies on the town square


Nanette said...

I love your blog... Vintage is "a bit of Heaven" in my book. Thanks for sharing.