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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

 First day of January 2015

What a wonderful day! It's cold and raining but I think I have seen this before on January 1st!  So happy for the rain! Maybe will get a little snow but not now the weather person says. They did have some in some parts of Texas. Where I live it does not snow very often but usually we get a little bit. The snows never last but a day or two. So pretty but as I grow older much harder on me! Ha ha I just have to more careful and watch my porches and steps as they do ice over with freezing weather. I sure don't want to fall. The year ended with lots of fun times at Christmas.

This picture is last year snow and the small foots prints and the ones that are long with toes are racoons. They come up to my house eat the cat food. Believe me I have some healthy racoons. They are in the woods behind my home. But they know when I feed the cats and come in looking for any leftovers. 

One of my cats enjoying the snow I wonder if we
will get any this year! This was a very light snow

 I have been crafting and need to start sewing some. I am into making Vintage Lace, Fabric and Vintage Doilies Journals. I have done a Paste Junk Journal and have more of that type to make too. They are also called Smash Journals. I think I understand why it is called that is because the one I made has to be smashed to shut! :) ha ha!

These pictures is what I was working on as 2014 ended. I cleaned up my craft tables for Christmas and now need to load them back up again. Believe me, I can get them loaded down in seconds!!!!! I get out way too much and then have a lot of fun going through all my old vintage laces and doilies. Also I'm having lots of fun making hat stick pins too. I'm buying old vintage beads and new beads too. Then I put them together with 3 to 6 inch pins. I also love making lace and fabric flowers. I do want to make lots of these kind of Journals this year, LORD willing. I hope and pray for healthy years to keep coming for me so I can enjoy my older years.

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