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Friday, January 25, 2008

The use of Old Vintage Photos

"Let's Go"

Goat and cart and look at those wheels

I would image they spin very pretty

That baby is ready for a ride

Perfect for assemblages, collages, and journals

The old wood fence in the back ground is so neat

This is such a cute vintage picture of baby, cart and rooster

It could be used to do journals, assemblages, collages

Even it could make a cute tittle, "I am working for Chicken Feed""Got Mule will travel"

used to make scrapbooking,

Journal, collage, assemblages

Check out that big bow in her hair

That sure looks like a laid back Mule

"Number 1930"
This is one could be put in a cute frame
The Goat is looking at you as if he is smiling too
You could decorate the frame with small vintage items
Tattered or torn it doesn't matter when working
with mixed media art....add something over it or
make a new cut on the corners adjust it for a book cover
or a frame you want it to fit in the more adding the
more fun it can become. Using your own imagination
creative within the picture to become your own vintage art
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SweetAnnee said...

Oh so cute!!
I love lil ones!!
you have some great